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The Turnstyles New Year Party!

Where can you find Batman, SuperMan, Coach Nathan, Barnsey Bear and all the cool Turnstylers in one place? You guessed it… the Turnstyles New Year Party! Last Saturday we hosted our annual New Year celebration for all of our players and parents to come together for the start of 2017, which is going to be […]

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Football Freestyle Skills and Tricks Party London

Love a few trick shots? We do too! Suitable for ages 8+ Credit: F2 Freestylers In recent years we have seen the emergence of football freestyle, in fact football freestylers have taken the internet by storm and are now earning large sums of cash for doing there skills. There is no wonder the children want […]

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Kids Super Hero Birthday Party

Love Super Heros?┬áTime to save the day! Suitable for Ages 3 – 8 years. Children have wonderfully creative minds and we want to help them explore their imagination. There is nothing more satisfying than truly believing you can fly or have super x-ray vision, although at times the grown ups don’t understand or see the […]

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Cheap Kids Football Birthday Party in London

Footy Crazy? – Party Time! We know how important your child’s big day is! We have been in the shoes of your child, screaming and demanding for a massive Football Birthday Party. Rather than going round in circles it’s time to get booking. Before you do rush in to booking be sure to work with […]

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