Turnstyles Training Returns in Enfield

After many long and dark wintery months our children have finally been allowed back to football training and games in Enfield this spring. We have been lucky to celebrate our ten year anniversary of the club running in Enfield and have promised our young people that they will have a bright future of football ahead with the club.

The coronavirus has impacted us all in different ways and for our young players, it has been that they have lost their favourite sport and passion and have been forced to find replacements including home-schooling and indoor fitness classes etc.

We know for others the coronavirus has been even more detrimental to their lives and we empathise with those in such positions.

Sport is important for us all and contributes to many different aspects of our social lives, from taking part to spectating with friends and family. A football club such as Turnstyles Football Academy is fundamental to offering this to children, adults and the elderly within our community. We welcome new members to join us and also welcome feedback, sponsors and support to collaborate with us to enhance our and their future, and current endeavours.

In closing, reopening the football club has been such a blessing for our players, parents and club members and we thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe and see you in training.

Team Turnstyles.