Getting it right

TAGPAY now working with Arsenal Football Club and Barcelona FCB roll out it’s technology across their global Soccer Schools respectively. For everyone in this space it is imperative that we “get it right” therefore, no room for error especially when working with other people’s experiences and for that reason TAGPAY saves the day. TAGPAY illiminates error and ensures your child is safe whilst in loco-parentis with an external childcare provider. Click for More on TAGPAY

Photo Credit: Dan Salkey

Pictured above is the simple TAGPAY solution. This is all the hardware you need to completely change the way your Client interacts with the Club. With a simple NFC capable mobile device and a pair of smart wristbands we can now manage the entire user experience. For example, the school holidays are often a tricky time as you are normally in-between making concrete plans and having no childcare at all… TAGPAY now allows you to register on the portal in 3 simple clicks and now if you are struggling last minute for childcare, just find the nearest childcare provider that accepts TAGPAY walk ins. Simple.

At Turnstyles we use TAGPAY to manage our players payments but more importantly to allow our children to have purchasing power during Weekends Classes and Holiday Camps when their parents can not be there. What’s most great is that the child’s Parent can specify and write on the band allergies and purchases they would rather their child not have, such as fizzy drinks and chocolate etc. Additionally we love TAGPAY because it creates instant digital registers and links to a players profile thus allowing our office staff to seamlessly manage everything from payments to attendance. We would most definitely recommend TAGPAY to any other Football Club or Sports Club that has 10 or more children.

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