Team sports are so important and beneficial for children to experience, especially early on in their lives.

Not only do they provide children with a platform for physical activity, but they can also teach kids an array of life skills too.

Just to mention a few, team-based sports help teach important lessons such as teamwork, integrity, and perseverance.



They are also incredibly important in giving young children the opportunity to socialize with each other.

Every single day, I use the very same life skills I’ve learned playing team sports, plus I’ve met so many great people along the way!

One of the biggest questions many parents have is at what age should they enrol their child into a sport.

At Turnstyles, we truly believe that the younger children get involved in sports, the better off they’ll be.

And that’s why we offer samba futsal and football classes for kids across London aged 3-years-old to 6 and a half!



Our samba futsal and football classes and camps focus on introducing young children to the game of football through lessons that are heavily focused on ball control and touch.

These two skills are integral to the game of football and will be incredibly valuable in not only allowing our players to begin developing their football ability, while also helping teach them the coordination that many young children lack at that early age.

Not only will your children learn important physical skills in our children’s samba futsal and football classes and camps, but they will also provide them the opportunity to learn life and social skills that will be invaluable to them down the line.



A major concern about starting off children so young in sports is the burnout.

Many kids simply do not like the hyper-competitive culture that sports can create, and that’s okay.

At Turnstyles, we do our best to make our classes and camps as fun as possible for all children.

One of the biggest aspects of our samba futsal and football classes is the incorporation of the samba music, which is part of the core make up of Turnstyles Football Academy.



The use of samba music helps create an upbeat, positive, and entertaining environment in which most every child could embrace.

While we do want to develop our player’s athletic, life, and social skills, we want to do so in an environment that is fun and inclusive to all, regardless of their feeling towards sport.

That’s why any child, regardless of skill level, is invited to come join us for our samba futsal and football classes and camps in London!

If this still hasn’t peaked your interest, come join us for free trial at our football academy in Enfield or our academy in Wandsworth, and our dedicated coaches will help change your mind.

If you would like to come and join us at one of our children’s football classes for a free trial click here.

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