Zack is Back

Written by Nathan Jr Eno 

Young Zack Younis was one of the first players to walk through the turnstiles at Turnstyles! He came with big floppy hair, an infectious smile and a football incase we didn’t have any, your average 4 year old boy? No! No way, Zack is far from average! Read why…

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Zack on the right – Photo Credit Maninder Gill


For any Football Academy it is rare to have even one player go on from playing at grassroots level to pushing for stardom. We have seen Zack turn heads at West Ham and Tottenham, there have even been rumours that Arsenal have shown interest and now QPR are being blessed by this rarely talented young maestro. Zack qualities include;

  • Leadership + Character
  • Technical Ability
  • Defensive Prowess
  • Turning Defence in to Attack
  • Speed + Acceleration
  • Endurance

Floppy hair zack is not to be messed with, do not be fooled by that cheeky grin and those sweet eyes he is something of an animal when he crosses that white line and takes no prisoners. This young man has been playing 1 year above his age for his entire career at out Football Team in Enfield and has shown that if the FA would allow, he could even play up another age group. Zack can stop goals and score goals which is what makes him the superb player he is.

As always a very special mention goes out to Alex and Amir his parents who have ensured that Zack trains consistently and attends every game where possible. Salute!

Questions and Answers with Zack.

  1. What team do you support? – Arsenal
  2. What is you favourite breakfast / pre game meal? – Porridge with Banana and Agave Nectar
  3. Are you left or right footed? – Right Footed
  4. Do you have a pre game ritual? – Don’t know
  5. Who is the best player in the World? – Messi

Thanks for your time Zack we wish you every bit of luck tonight – one word of advice from your coaches at Turnstyles – “Word hard and enjoy the experience”

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