Colour League

The way this league works is truly unique in football (for children ages 5 – 9) as it uses the proven system of martial arts to help guide and grade the players through their own personal development at their own pace.

The correct grading pattern is as follows; White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black. Each player will play in a real kit to represent their current level, we have already anticipated that their will be occasions where a lower graded teams beats a higher graded team, this is super! Go the underdog.


So, in short… Players will start off as a White Belt and will be graded every six weeks with a goal to achieve the Black Belt. The FA qualified Turnstyles Academy Coaches will guide your child all the way through until they reach their personal GOAL.


4v4 (4 players on each the pitch at once) matches with a special samba goal to allow for better accuracy when they graduate to the big league aged 9+.

There will be one Coach / Referee per pitch ensuring the children receive constant and ongoing feedback / coaching. At the end of each game every player will receive a sticker for playing the 1 hour long match.

The top player of the day will receive a medal that they will keep for the week and return to the manager on the following Saturday to allow another child the chance to win the MOTM award.


The Turnstyles Colour League will start on Saturday 13th of October and will run through until Saturday 30th March 2019. We run during the school term time only and have a break for 3 weeks over the Christmas period.

Start 11am – Finish 1pm every week. Please arrive at 10:45 prompt in your full colour league kit ready to start.

Saturday Training and Colour League Matches – £38.64. Get your uniform now from just £24.00

Colour League Kits

Once you have completed your Colour League Registration, you can buy you kit online. Here you can grab your kit order. All we need from you is the size.