(Last Updated 26.04.18)

These are here to protect us both!


When choosing to develop at Turnstyles Academy Group you agree to accept the terms and conditions as detailed below, and which from time to time may be amended, we will ensure that notice of any change is given. You are also expected to follow the basic guidelines for etiquette, use of equipment and centre dress code whilst training.


Turnstyles believes that safeguarding young people is essential and so for this reason uses technology and thorough checks to ensure young people are learning in a safe and friendly environment. We work closely with TAGPAY and The FA to ensure all persons under 18 are safe and that all adults have been throughly screened.


Turnstyles Club Memberships are due to be paid monthly by auto payment, standing order or paid in full on registration. Payments are pro rated therefore Members will pay 12 even monthly payments which are a calculation of the total number of lessons in the year divided in to 12 even payments. As a Member you will have 24 hour access to your accounts and will remain in control of your account. Remember we use the TagPay bands to help us manage your accounts. There is a ‘No Band No Entry” policy at all our venues so take good care of your Wristband. Equally, TagPay can help you manage your account for more info please visit www.tagpay.co Only club members will be able to access all the benefits of Turnstyles football Academy. For more information on Memberships and Registration please request a membership pack by emailing: office@turnstylesfa.co.uk or simply call us on 0207 281 7007.


Any personal information which you provide to us by filling in the Registration form, including that relating to children, will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will use this information for the organisation and management of the Academy. Turnstyles Football Academy is compliant with the new GDPR laws revised in 2017.


All parents are required to be respectful to all members of staff at Turnstyles Academy.

Lateness can cause serious problems and we ask that upon signing up to Turnstyles Academy you comply with this.

There will be a charge of £6.00 if you are more than 5 minutes late (4:20-4:30pm) than the stated end time of the session
If you are more than 15 minutes (4:31-4:45pm) late there will be a fee £1.00 charge per minute.
Please bare in mind that our Staff run other sessions and late pick up from Clubs means we incur unnecessary charges.
Managing behaviour is important for both parents and children. If you are wondering how NOT to behave just watch this short Youtube clip below:


By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions you are also agreeing to keep us updated with any changes to your personal details or that of the emergency contact on the registration form


Each child attending our Academy are of equal value and have equal access to opportunities therefore we do not accept any form of antisocial or dangerous behaviour including, bullying, swearing or violence towards any other members of the Academy.

If any child is considered to have behaved in an unacceptable manner, they will be automatically expelled from the Academy.

Turnstyles also operate a zero tolerance to racism and sexism.


All Turnstyles students must wear full Turnstyles Training Kits within 30 days of signing up to any of Academy Classes; this includes – top, shorts and shirts – during all training sessions.

They must also wear suitable clothing for their chosen Academy Class:

Dance Attire,

Football boots, blades or astro-turf trainers, Shin Pads

Any tracksuits/hoodies must be black and be worn under the Turnstyles training kit.

Turnstyles training kits must be worn within 4 weeks of any student joining Turnstyles.


All term fees are to be paid in full within 2 weeks of any new term. Any term fees paid after this will incur a £20 surcharge to cover additional admin-costs associated with term bookings. All term fees are to be paid in full – no refunds/credits are available.


In accordance with our standard policies, refunds or credits are not available. Any credits given are at the sole discretion of the academy director. In the event of issuing a credit, the director’s decision is final. All bookings are made on the total understanding that if students leave any term before completion and / or are removed from the Academy, no refunds will be given.


British weather is unpredictable throughout the season, therefore no concession or refunds will be made for heavy or persistent rain, sleet, snow or any other poor weather conditions which may result in academy sessions being cancelled for the safety of the students – Alternatively the Academy Director may move the training to an close indoor venue.


Any medical information and/or equipment must be provided by the parent and clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Staff are not permitted to administer any type of prescribed medication.

By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions the members of staff of Turnstyles Academy are given permission to carry out First Aid should injury/illness occur, within their capabilities and qualifications.


If your child has any type of allergy or other condition such as epilepsy please ensure that the appropriate field is filled in the registration form in order to make Turnstyles Academy aware.

In the event that your child develops any condition during the course please notify the Academy with immediate effect.


Please be aware that throughout the activities photographs may be taken of the children taking part in any of the activities. And other children within the Academy may wish to take pictures as well to remember their time at the Academy. Therefore we would ask that if there are any objections to this that you inform the Directors at the time of registration.

NOTE: Third party visitors and teams who play matches at our grounds are also a part of term 13 photography, please exclusively request that your child / club is not included in any of the official Turnstyles Academy videography and photography. If you are still unsure, please contact our friendly media team via the online contact form.


If the academy is forced to close on the grounds of health & safety, any term fees will be credited to a future booking. Only the academy director on the day can deem the academy closed.

Bring a smile every time!