The TAGPAY Device

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Buy Now – TAGPAY – “A Smarter Connection” has been taken onboard and implemented across our Academies in the UK. We couldn’t think of anything better than allowing our Managers, Coaches, Parents and Players to manage their community by adding a digital stamp. TAGPAY works by coupling NFC Technology with the Child and the Parent Account so that with just a single tap you can enter classes, buy goods and track your performance. #Genius

Marking the Man

Locking your wristband is simple just enter your mobile number or email address in to the application, or at on the web application and watch as the two magically sync together. Now all your training statistics can be uploaded and you or Mum and Dad can securely log in and ensure you have arrived at your Holiday Camp or at your Football Lesson your band can store important data such as medical conditions or allergies to keep you in check.


Player Account

Once you have locked your Tag and logged in to the application things get interesting. You can now make drinks and clothing purchases with your band either at your training sessions or during the school holidays. No parent wants to send their Child to a day long Holiday Camp with money that gets lost or even worse stolen. Just add it to your band and when you tap to pay, a photo verification will pop up to ensure all is above board.

How it Works

Player Tracking and Performance Monitoring coming Summer 2017..

Order your TAGPAY band by clicking here now we will ship the band to you in a case and with instructions. Once your band has been locked to your account you can begin using it immediately. It is up to you wether you want to top it up or simply link it to your subscription account meaning you won’t need to remember to top up every weekend. Now that’s all sorted you can TAGPAY and Play!